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The Executive Committee

Last modifications : 09 June 2016

The Executive Committee members are the General Manager, the Deputy General Manager, the General Directors and General Counsellors of the general directorates of the NSSO.

This Executive Committee:

  • defines the strategy of the NSSO, 
  • draws up the staff plan, 
  • establishes the administrative budget,
  • executes the decisions taken and assesses their realization,
  • approves new projects and follows them up.

The Executive Committee has an important consultative role and coordinates and supervises all interservice matters. Its members are weekly invited for consultation. A representative of the strategic group (Social Security) mostly attends the first part of these meetings that deals with legislative and budget matters and the follow up of the projects of the steering group “Modernization of Social Security”.


The Committee’s members

Foto Koen Snyders

Koen Snyders

General Manager

General Management

Foto Anne Kirsch

Anne Kirsch

Deputy General Manager

General Management

Vincent Barthelemy (2014)

Vincent Barthelemy

General Director

Supporting Departments

Foto Carine Volters

Carine Volters

General Counsellor

Collection Departments

Johan Van der Bruggen

Johan Van der Bruggen

General Director

Identification and Control of Declarations Departments

Foto Karel Deridder

Karel Deridder

General Director

Inspection Departments


General Director

Legal Departments

Foto Marc Schiepers

Marc Schiepers

General Director

Financial and Statistics Departments

Foto Philippe Benoit

Philippe Benoit

General Counsellor, the Committee’s secretary,

Organisation and Development Department

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