Dimona survey reveals customer satisfaction 2011-08-01

On October 1st 2010 the application Dimona v2 went definitively into production. In the month of April 2011 several surveys have been conducted in order to assess the transition from Dimona v1 to Dimona v2. Nearly 250 users of the application Dimona (web and batch) have responded to the satisfaction survey.

The principal results of this survey can be summed up as follows :

  • Most users seem to be satisfied with the new version.
  • For many of them the processing of the declarations is more efficient but requires another working method.
  • Most persons that have been polled have appreciated the comprehensive communication campaign about Dimona v2.
  • The views about the support are rather favourable.

Dimona v2 is a project that has received a favourable assessment but has also attracted nonetheless a number of points of particular attention :

  • The slowness of the system and the download possibilities should be ameliorated ;
  • The specifications contained in the notifications should be rendered more clearly and the printing possibilities should be of a better quality ;
  • The proxy and the urgency procedures must be updated ;
  • The technical library (available for the time being in DutchFrench or German) has to be made more accessible and the terminology that is used at present should be reassessed ;
  • The users should be informed more rapidly in case of breakdowns.

These recommendations have been converted in the meantime into concrete actions. 
For further details, you can consult this document (only in Dutch or French).

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