STATISTICS OF THE NSSO : Employmentstatistics according to the place of employment - the data for 2009 have been published 2011-04-15

The brochure relating to the number of jobs according to the place of employment (also known as the yellow brochure or the decentralized statistics) for the second and fourth quarter of 2009, which includes the data of the National Social Security Office as well as those delivered by the ONSSAPL, has been made available on the website and has also been published as a brochure. 
This document permits to study in detail the effects of the economic crisis in 2009 on the (sub)regional labour market. 
More detailed data can be obtained at any time at the Directorate of Statistics by using the contact form.

As all publications made out since 2008 this brochure has taken into account the new classification of activities (NACE-Bel 2008). 
Moreover the tables "Additional statistical data according to the place of employment" have been updated until 2009.

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