Recovery of the labour market. The end of the crisis? 2010-12-23

The recovery of the labour market, initiated during the first quarter, will continue during the third quarter. As far as the number of jobs and the volume of work are concerned, there is an increase of 1 % compared to the same quarter of the year before. The number of jobs matches the peak reached before the beginning of the economic crisis (during the third quarter of 2008). On the other hand, the volume of work remains below the one reached before the crisis (- 37.000 full time staff).
Although it seems the financial and economic crisis has a limited global impact on employment, the comparison with the third quarter of 2008 shows significant differences on the employment market. The strong increase of jobs related to service cheque activities and social service, counterbalances the strong decrease of industrial jobs and the more limited job losses in the financial and logistic services, but it does not compensate for the loss of volume of work in full-time equivalents.
Actually, disappearing jobs are mainly full-time jobs while the new created social service jobs and certainly jobs related to service cheque activities, are mostly part-time jobs.
The temporary employment sector continues to resume both for workers and employees. However, the economic activity (particularly in terms of volume of work) has not yet reached the level as it was before the crisis.

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